Golf is the game of mastering details. If you have never practiced golf before, then you probably don’t understand the amount of concentration and devotion this sport involves.

First, you should focus on the way you stand. Your front foot should be placed ahead of the ball, with your feet a little bit wider than the width of your shoulders. This way the club will rest against the middle of your body and you will have total control over it.

Second, you need to get close to the ball but not too close. Your arms shouldn’t be totally bent or outstretched to reach the ball with your club. Check your alignment and bend your knees slightly.

Finally, it is time for the backswing, where you hold the club above your head. Remember to follow through even if you don’t hold the club too high in the backswing.

During all phases, you should keep your eyes on the ball. Now follow it and see where it will take you. It all starts with the right swing. If you can master your club, then you are in for a good game.