If you are interested in history or have spent a considerable amount of your time exploring Wikipedia pages, then you might find this interesting. Things that we practice on a daily basis usually have an interesting history and one of them is the word golf. What does it even mean? Where did the word come from?

A lot of historians date the evolution of the game to a popular game played by the Romans called paganica.As the Romans conquered most of Europe, the game started to spread widely. Another theory suggests that the modern game originates from a Chinese game that was very popular between the eighth and the fourteenth century.

However, it is proved that the modern game originated in Scotland. The word “golf” is derived from a very old word that means “club”. It was first mentioned in a document linked to King James II when he banned the game as it acted as a distraction from archery. The ban was lifted when King James IVgot interested in golf himself and started practicing it. This only proves how popular the game was.