“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicate.” — Arnold Palmer.

Known as a gentlemen’s game and a sport of leisure, golf is simply one of the most popular sports globally. Played on a huge outdoor course that covers anywhere 30-200 acres, golf’s objective is to drive a hard ball using a variety of iron and wood-tipped sticks known as golf clubs into a sequence of holes with only a few strokes as possible.

Golf is an ageless and timeless game that offers multiple benefits. Played by millions of seniors, golf reaps physical, social and mental benefits. Although for a senior, the distance of each shot and the pace of the pace is decreased, the fun remains constant.

The good news is there is even golf gear made especially for seniors. For example, check out the best drivers for seniors at GolfingWell.com.

Ready to give it a shot? Here are 5 benefits of golf for seniors:


  • Heart Health


Any form of physical exercise can push your heart to pump more blood. And playing golf can be a good exercise to improve heart health. Carrying your bag, walking and swinging are all actions done when playing golf and this increases your heart rate and blood flow. Risk of diabetes and stroke is significantly reduced as well as naturally lowering your levels of bad cholesterol. These also helps increases endurance and build muscle strengths which are all important to your health as you age.


  • Brain stimulation


As your heart rate increases, there is an increase blood flow to the brain. Thus stimulating and improving nerve cell connections. Also, regular daily walks strengthen the memory circuits of the brain. These can help delay mental illnesses like dementia or Alzheimers.

Moreover, Golf is a sport that competes with others for best personal scores. Such challenges increase self-esteem and confidence while keeping the brain active in logical functions through mental alacrity involved in fostering hand to eye coordination, improving strategy, and tallying scores.


  • Outdoor Exposure


Golf is naturally played on a course as large as 200 acres. This means it requires players to be outdoors. Basking in nature can provide many health benefits for the body and mind of seniors instead of being inside their house and sitting on their rocking chairs. Studies revealed that being exposed to green areas constantly can greatly reduce stress and anxiety and relaxes the body.  


  • Encourages relationships


Another thing about golf is that it is a very sociable sport. Golf can be a great way in order to keep in touch with friends or meet new people and connect with the community. Unlike competitive sports like basketball and soccer, golf is not so intense of a sport and there is plenty of silence and downtime for interacting or talking with fellow golfers. Even more amazing, studies revealed that a good number of business deals are closed on a golf course.


  • Live Longer


Professor Anders Ahlbom of Karolinska Institutet led a study entitled “Golf: A game of life and death – reduced mortality in Swedish golf players”. This study reveals that golfers have a 40% lower death rate, corresponding with a significant 5-year increase in their life expectancy.